Techniques for automating the assessment of student programming tasks

Speaker: Andrew Muncey, Deputy Head of Department, Computer Science, University of Chester
Venue: University of Chester, Thornton site, Room TSU116
Date: 24/6/2019 10:00


This will investigate techniques for automating the assessment of student programming using tools such as unit testing in conjunction with continuous integration. We will explore techniques such as assessing programmes written by complete novices which only use console input and output, as well as more challenging problems such as locating and testing code where students are required to implement methods themselves.

Speaker's Bio

Andrew is the deputy head of department, Computer Science. His experience includes working as the lead developer for a software development company, specialising in web and mobile application development. Prior to that he worked in further education supporting students gaining IT qualifications.  Andrew has also carried out contract IT work for the NHS.

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