Regenerator Placement in Translucent Optical Networks

Speaker: Dr Mike Morgan, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science, University of Chester
Venue: University of Chester, Thornton site, Room TST245
Date: 25/10/2017 12.30 - 13.30


In wavelength and spectrum switched optical networks, it is possible to transmit signals over multiple hops without conversion into the electrical domain. This speeds up communication dramatically and eliminates a significant bottleneck at the switching devices. However, as the total distance travelled by a signal increases we find that its bit error rate becomes unacceptable.

A solution to this involves the introduction of 3R (retiming, reshaping and reamplification) regenerators into the network. This may be carried out using optical to electrical to optical (OEO) conversion or photonic (all optical) methods. In either case, both capital and operational expenditure are high for the required hardware. It is desirable to be able to minimise the number of regenerator locations in the network whilst maintaining adequate levels of connectivity between devices.

This seminar looks at a novel, swarm intelligence approach to the problem as well as a new model with more accurate resilience requirements. The potential for hybrid approaches and the computational complexity of the resilience constraints are also explored.

Speaker's Bio

Mike is a senior lecturer, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has research interests in combinatorial optimisation, modern heuristics and mathematical programming. Mike joined the Computer Science department at Chester in 2013 and has previously lectured at both Coventry and Glyndwr University, where he taught a range of subjects including computational complexity theory, formal methods and algorithm design.

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