Protecting Jet Engines from the Environment

Speaker: Dr Rory Clarkson, Rolls Royce
Venue: University of Chester, Thornton Science Park, Room TSU106
Date: 30/4/2019 15:10-16:00
Audience: Students and staff


Dr Rory Clarkson from Rolls Royce will give a guest lecture as part of the Level 6 Energy System module (SE6006). Despite it being organised for this module, the talk should be of interest to both scientists and engineers in the faculty. The lecture is open to all. Rory is one of the world’s experts on aero engine environmental interactions and was leading much of the activity relating to the influence of volcanic ash. He will talk about a variety of environmental factors which influence the design of modern aero engines in real environments – not the nice clean stable laboratory environments we may be used to.

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