Investigating Traffic Hiding and Morphing in Internet Protocols

Speaker: Lucas O'Mahony, Post-graduate Research Student, Computer Science, University of Chester
Venue: University of Chester, Thornton site, Room TSU106
Date: 25/1/2017 12:00 - 13:00


With the evolving Internet, two or more connected hosts may have access to numerous “Internet services” and nodes. However, they may-be impeded in some way from communicating directly or even indirectly with each other using the protocol of their choice.

This impedance could be:

  1. Intentional, such as the simple blocking of ports, to deep packet inspection leading to service downgraded or even blocking,
  2. Unintentional, from certain difficult-to-connect topologies. Such as where both hosts are on private networks behind a NAT.

By using a dynamic and seamless tunnelling approach, we can counter “traffic-hostile” networks to provide service-independent end-to-end connection through the Internet. Lucas will demonstrate the research he has taken out into traffic morphing and obfuscation.

He will cover the details of packet switching and a solution he has found using the Net filter kernel library, specifically the NFQUEUE table; allowing packets to be forked off to a program before they are sent to the network card for transmission.

Speaker's Bio

Lucas graduated from the University of Chester in Nov 2014 with a 1st Class Honours in Computer Science, where he also worked as a part time Software Developer. He has worked in the IT Services department (LIS) since graduating as a Desktop and Network Infrastructure Technician.

His research interests include network traffic analysis and applied cryptography. He is currently studying an MPhil in the dept. of Computer Science.

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