The use of emerging technologies to enhance knowledge management processes within the steel industry

Speaker: Emmet Mailey, Colors European Asset Development manager, Tata Steel Europe
Venue: Microsoft Teams
Date: 20/5/2020 12:00 - 13:00


The focus of this study is on knowledge management within a multi-site European steel coating business with specific attention on the knowledge capture and retention processes.

Human capital, the knowledge and skills embedded in employees, more than ever can be a key source of competitive advantage. However this precious knowledge embedded in workers heads can be easily lost as aging, experienced employees retire or lost as staff leave through pressures to downsize as companies strive to remain competitive. This loss of vital corporate knowledge can have negative results on the business performance so knowledge management systems are a critical component for sustaining knowledge capital within a company.

Specifically this study will compare and contrast the current knowledge capture and retention processes embedded in 3 different European manufacturing sites, each with their own unique management systems, styles and cultures. The study will then seek to look to the future to see how emerging technologies may act to enhance and strengthen these KM processes in a more cost effective manner. What new perspectives does the Industry 4.0 technological revolution have on knowledge management, does it offer innovative solutions to help improve capture and retention of vital Knowledge capital that will sustain corporate success?

This research project has only recently commenced and is currently in the initial literature review stage.

Speaker's Bio

A Chartered Electrical Engineer with 30 years’ experience working within the steel industry in Engineering, Project Management and Manufacturing roles. Current role includes managing the investment strategy across our European sites in the UK, France and Turkey. My role entails frequently travelling to all of our European sites and provides the unique opportunity of interacting with a diverse cultural mix of people, management styles and processes.

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