The Scientific Life; the How’s, the Why’s and the What’s

Speaker: Emeritus Professor John Helliwell, University of Manchester
Venue: University of Chester, Thornton Science Park, Room TSA124 (Chemistry Lecture Room)
Date: 10/3/2020 11:30 - 12:15
Audience: Staff, tenants and students interested in research


In my three books on this theme I separated out the skills needed, the why we do things and the whats of a scientific life into three books. Two of these, the whys and the whats books, are in the CRC Press Book Series Global Science Education. I saw the need for them through my roles as a Director of Synchrotron Radiation Science at CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory, my role subsequently as Senior Mentor and Professor at the Chemistry Department of the University of Manchester as well as my outreach lectures to the public and to schools and my various roles for the International Union of Crystallography. I am currently engaged by CRC Press writing an epilogue of short stories, namely some science matters that I think are worth retelling. Overall science delivers by scientists’ inspiration, hard work and integrity and finally failure checking through peer review. Please do come with your questions on the scientific life.

Speaker's Bio

Prof. Helliwell is a semi-retired research scientist, academic educator and scientific civil servant. The presentation is aimed at people at every stage of a career in science and engineering and hence, will be useful to undergraduates, postgraduates and staff alike. Further biographical information available from CRC Press and the University of Manchester.

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