Pyrolysis of End of Life Tyres: The Modification and Use of a Laboratory Scale Reactor to Break Down Tyre Crumb into Sustainable Products

Speaker: Yasmin Farhan, University of Chester
Venue: Online - Microsoft Teams
Date: 10/9/2021 11:30 - 12:30
Audience: Staff, students and Thornton tenants


End of life tyres pose a major issue to the environment, with limited methods of disposal currently available. With current legislation tyres can no longer be sent to landfill so determining sustainable methods of recycling is imperative. The current methods in place include retreading tyres, incinerating, or shredding tyres to be used as floors or carpet underlay. These, however, are not long-lasting solutions to the tyre problem. This project will research pyrolysis of waste tyres and how this method of recycling is more attractive than others. Pyrolysis is a sustainable method which could recover valuable products from the tyre crumb that could be used in many applications. Initially this project will concentrate on the reactor itself, which needs to be restructured and modified to ensure it is suitable for experiments. The focus will then be on using the reactor to produce solid, liquid and gas products which can be analysed to determine their suitability for commercial use. A range of methods including, TGA, SEM CHNS, and XRD will be used to characterize the rubber and products produced. These methods will determine how suitable the products are for commercial use. Different reactor parameters will be investigated and how they influence the products produced. A comparison will be made between heating the tyre crumb in the reactor from room temperature and adding the tyre in to the reactor once the reactor has reached its set temperature.

Speaker's Bio

Yasmin is an MRes student in Chemical Engineering under the supervision of Prof John Brammer.

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