No buildings from September: What on earth do we do about the learning experience?

Speaker: Various
Venue: Online
Date: 7/5/2020 09:00 - 17:00
Audience: Vice-Chancellors, students, educators, administrators and everyone in between


Campuses might well still be on lockdown in September. Perhaps beyond. Delivering a high-quality digital learning experience in the midst of this crisis is an unprecedented challenge. It requires the equivalent of executing a ten-year strategy in three months — from every stakeholder in the university. Questions to answer would be as follows: What does it take to deliver a learning experience that students feel is worth the price tag? How can universities use this disruption to make lasting improvements in the learning experience? What can each university stakeholder do for the learning experience in the coming days, weeks and months? Further information about the event by clicking here.

This event is free to attend for University of Chester staff.

Speaker's Bio

This online event is organised by AULA Education.

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