Decolonising STEM: Why and How?

Speaker: Daniel Akinbosede, University of Sussex
Venue: Online - Microsoft Teams
Date: 7/9/2021 14:00-16:00
Audience: Members of staff and tenants


Scientific disciplines are well known for their grounding in objectivity and fact-driven research practices. As a result, it is easy to assume that new educational initiatives such as ‘decolonising the curriculum’ are not relevant in our fields. This session seeks to make the case that the opposite is true. In order to maintain our reputation, we must re-evaluate how we do and teach science, particularly to serve, include and elevate the most marginalised in our disciplines.

For further information, please contact Chrissy Stanley and Mark McAuley, Faculty SUTFs.

Speaker's Bio

Daniel Akinbosede is a doctoral tutor and PhD candidate at the University of Sussex. He is also co-founder and consultant at Sussex Race Equity Advocates.

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